Monthly Archives: January 2021


In a sense 2020 was needed. Not because of Covid-19 and the lasting negative impact this had and continue to have on families and businesses all round, but rather to force us human beings to reflect and start acting differently. “The inflection point was reached. There is no returning to the normal you knew. “ […]


Failure has been branded by the majority as embarrassing and weak, resulting in reputational damage and adversity. Some people are so scared of failing they don’t even try! And those who try keep seeking certainty instead of accepting that not all information will be available when the journey is started. Instead, requiring clarity should be […]

Comfort Zone

If it is too easy, you are in your comfort zone. A very bad place to be. Maybe it is time to shift. To move to the next level and onto the next challenge. “Avoid comfort, challenge yourself constantly.“ Comfort is the first step of stagnation. Avoid comfort, challenge yourself constantly. As human beings we […]

On the business, not in.

“Make yourself free to work on the business, not in the business.” Make yourself free to work on the business, not in the business. Be pro-active now in finding out about better ways of working, there are tons of online tools and cloud-based solutions that can reduce man hours on paperwork, and give you access […]

Make the Shift

The world is ever more connected, online and cloud-based. Holding on to analogue processes and paper-based methods will mean you can’t link with client, suppliers and other businesses who are adapting to new digital norms. “If your business doesn’t have a discoverable online presence, and your back-office functions are not cloud-based then you simply won’t […]

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