Franco Cronjé is constantly developing his own businesses by steering them through an ever-changing business landscape both within SA and internationally.   

Just as much as he loves the process and the journey of business, he loves sharing what he knows. He offers guidance to other businesses to adapt quickly, not to merely survive, but to thrive. This he achieves by sharing invaluable first-hand experience on here in his posts section, his social media channels and live events.

Franco Cronje Franco Cronjé

Now for the credibility stuff, and there is a lot. Franco is a Chartered Accountant, Registered Auditor, Tax Practitioner and Business Advisor holding a BCom Hons degree, in short; CA(SA), RA. He is a member of the International Golden Key Honor Society and is also a certified advisor for Xero – a global leader in cloud-based accounting. It doesn’t stop there. Prior to starting his own business Franco worked at world-renowned PwC and as Senior Lecturer at the North West University, he then founded FA Cronjé and Cronjé Inc. in 2010. Here’s more… As CFO of Psychai Talent Group, with offices in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, Franco is responsible for the internationally acclaimed management consulting firm’s full finance function and strategy execution both locally and abroad. Psychai developed the world’s first fully integrated talent tool (fitt), which is endorsed by the University of Cambridge, allowing enterprises to assess and manage their human capital on a digital platform.

Born and bred in South Africa Franco loves the country but has not limited himself or his business mind to its borders. His open-minded approach to business has led him to become an international expansion and cross-border specialist assisting South African businesses to expand internationally. Franco has localized  knowledge of offshore jurisdictions providing clients effective and tax efficient structures to grow their international business and build their offshore wealth. Franco assists clients to trade and operate internationally allowing for access to stable foreign currencies, mature geopolitical environments as well as unlimited opportunity for expanding business.

When he takes time off, he is, just as in business, on the move – indeed a nomad at heart. He loves exploring, seeing, learning and the most rewarding way for him to do this is travelling together with his family throughout Southern Africa’s remote areas to discover and appreciate the natural splendour of the region. He is a husband to a wonderful, gifted wife who plays an integral part in his businesses. They have two boys with whom he loves playing sport and embarking on adventures, playing an active role in their lives and to whom he hopes to pass on a well-won heritage and legacy through his work.