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The Freedom to Choose

I currently have the pleasure of reading a book written by Viktor Frankl titled Man’s search for Meaning. In this harrowing account of his survival of the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II he comes to one very specific conclusion as a result of his ordeal. He summarises it as follows: “Forces beyond your […]

Leader of the Pack

For the onlooker, the title of leader seems glamorous, almost red carpet-like. But for the leader, the reality is sometimes far from it! Carrying the weight of the business and the ambition of every employee are taxing and all-consuming. Getting the business to move forward and the team to progress in the same direction whilst […]

Team Recruitment

“You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.” ~ Simon Sinek Appointing for skill only, clearly indicates that an organisation lack culture and do not consider the relevant soft skills required to enhance the business. I believe enabling your business for success requires that you considered recruitment based on […]


In a sense 2020 was needed. Not because of Covid-19 and the lasting negative impact this had and continue to have on families and businesses all round, but rather to force us human beings to reflect and start acting differently. “The inflection point was reached. There is no returning to the normal you knew. “ […]


Failure has been branded by the majority as embarrassing and weak, resulting in reputational damage and adversity. Some people are so scared of failing they don’t even try! And those who try keep seeking certainty instead of accepting that not all information will be available when the journey is started. Instead, requiring clarity should be […]