The Shift Lots of South African businesses are stuck in the same place they were years ago. For many it's now a case of adapt or die.

Slide keyboard_arrow_down Become unstuck. Change your mindset, which in turn will change how your business operates. In today's world if you settle for too long, get comfortable & stuck in your ways, you will soon be outsmarted, outdated, and out of reach.

Change is the only constant. Don't get comfortable, push forward or you are going backwards without even realizing it. The world is ever more connected, online and cloud-based. Holding on to analogue processes and paper-based methods will mean you can’t link with clients, suppliers and other businesses who are adapting to new global digital norms.

A nomad sees the world differently and is free to move.
Not tied down or stuck in one place.
I would like to introduce to you a business approach I call When I refer to a nomad or nomad mode,
I am not referring to a digital nomad,
someone who simply works remotely from anywhere.

Sure, that may be part of how you are able to work,
but I am talking about more than that:
I am talking about adopting a new way of viewing and doing business.
Nomad Mode

Slide In practice this is two-fold: Mind Matter New Layer Train your mind to see business as a journey, not a destination. Change your approach. Instead of working in your business, you learn to work on your business.
Be the one to chart the course, navigating obstacles as they arise. Seeing failures as learning, you are no longer going to sit back and wait for opportunity.

You purposefully start to think outside of "this is what we have always done". You think how to reinvent your products or services and are willing to explore new markets.
Get to action. Start moving processes away from outdated methods to cloud-based online systems.
This means gaining better visibility and control
of your business.

Adjusting products or services to be relevant. Get your business discoverable with an online presence. Access your numbers from anywhere, anytime to make quicker, better decisions. Reduce the time taken on tasks like capturing receipts, approving payments or even
on-boarding new clients.

This sounds great, but how? I am on this journey myself, and to help other business people I have founded which is currently in development and will be launched in several parts over 2021 and 2022. is a platform for South African business owners to equip themselves, share with and learn from
like-minded people to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.
Let's find the way forward,
Franco Cronjé
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