Failure has been branded by the majority as embarrassing and weak, resulting in reputational damage and adversity. Some people are so scared of failing they don’t even try! And those who try keep seeking certainty instead of accepting that not all information will be available when the journey is started. Instead, requiring clarity should be sufficient to get you moving.

FAIL – First Action In Learning.

FAIL – First Action In Learning. What a wonderful concept. You LEARN while you FAIL. Progress towards success cannot be without failure whether big or small. The ability to learn from this is what contributes towards your ultimate success. The journey you undertake will most probably humble you to a point of no return at which stage the strong and persistent will stand up and continue to reach above the rest.

“Blessed are those who FAIL. Even more blessed are those who LEARN from their failures.”

Blessed are those who FAIL. Even more blessed are those who learn from their failures. Embrace mistakes. Embrace failure. Embrace the Nomad in you.

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