Time Management

How often do you hear people say: “I do not have time”?

Have you ever considered that you do not own time? Time was never yours to begin with. If so, how is it possible for a person to state that they did not have time to do this or that?

Simple, it is referred to as poor time management. The inability to manage your time and appropriately reorganise your tasks ensuring timely completion.

Dave Ramsey in EntreLeadership makes the perfect summary stating that time management can be allocated in either of these four categories:

1.         Urgent and important

2.         Not urgent but important

3.         Urgent but not important

4.         Not urgent and not important

Best would be to spend your time in the category of “Not urgent but important” otherwise your tasks will spill into “Urgent and important” which results in crisis management and you putting out fires most of the time. As for the last two categories, these are best to avoid all together. (Maybe it is time to cut back on the social media time.)

Embrace time, remembering that you can never own it, you can simply manage it. Embrace the journey, embrace the Nomad in you.

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