Crypto, less Cryptic.

Digital assets, blockchain, crypto, bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, exchanges … There is a revolution that is taking the world by storm.

Cryptocurrency is a type of currency which uses digital files as money. Usually, the files are created using the same methods as cryptography (the science of hiding information). Cryptocurrencies use “decentralized control”, which means that they are not controlled by one person or government.

The monetary system as we know it is under treat of becoming redundant…

The most prominent crypto of them all, Bitcoin, was conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto back in January 2009. Since then, the price of Bitcoin has risen to about $50 000. It is currently touted as the 21st centuries storer of value as opposed to Gold. Many individuals along with corporates have adopted it as either an asset or payment currency.

The monetary system as we know it is under treat of becoming redundant and being replaced by digital assets and currencies run on the blockchain. I suggest you do some research and get knowledgeable about crypto. It is here to stay.

Embrace change, embrace crypto.

Embrace the Nomad in you.

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