In the Face of Adversity

Nowadays it seems that we are continuously in a state of hardship, difficulty, or misfortune. Mankind of which ever race, or social or economic standing, has most probably not endured such hardship since the great depression or world wars in the mid-1940’s. We as a people, whether we are employees or business owners, are constantly faced with making challenging decisions on the back of little or no certainty of what the future may hold.

Extradited and on our own, we wonder about aimlessly with little hope and no direction… without realising that the seemingly dangerous burning bush is our heat and shelter for the night, and the rising tide brings with it manna carrying us through periods of uncertainty and doubt.

Adversity may mean a challenge, but it does not mean defeat.


Adversity may tire you, but it requires of you to accept it. Adversity may mean a challenge, but it does not mean defeat. Embrace it. Seek your “why” and rediscover your purpose. Open your mind, open your heart, and believe. Hope is never lost.

Surround yourself with watchmen who can help you stand strong. Realise that only the brave, only the ones willing to endure, shall reap the rewards and benefits that come after the storm.

Embrace the Nomad in you and remember: Resilience is the key.

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