Leader of the Pack

For the onlooker, the title of leader seems glamorous, almost red carpet-like. But for the leader, the reality is sometimes far from it!

Carrying the weight of the business and the ambition of every employee are taxing and all-consuming. Getting the business to move forward and the team to progress in the same direction whilst being confronted by adverse market conditions is emotionally draining and challenging.

You are result orientated, fighting daily to build trust in the business both internally and externally, encouraging positive conflict between stakeholders, hacking a way forward by seeking clarity instead of certainty. You know that failure is not an option as you persist and continue with determination. You get up each morning, more determined than the day before, focussing on the task at hand. You leave behind yesterday’s failures and progress little by little until each goal has been achieved.

No, being the leader of the pack is neither easy nor glamorous.

No, being the leader of the pack is neither easy nor glamorous. It takes hard work and determination, and only when you get it right are you able to feel the fulfillment and joy that comes with it, however short-lived as you take on the next challenge.

Whoa! What an extremely challenging time we find ourselves in as leaders, to take charge and be marshalling the troops.

This one goes out to you, the Leader. Embrace the Nomad in you. Keep standing strong. Stronger than ever before.

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