Blame Is Lame


As a leader, nothing is more sobering than bringing to mind a quote attributed to Napoleon,

“There are no bad soldiers, only bad captains.”


When it concerns people in your business, consider them un-blameable.

You hired them, right? You trained them? You clearly conveyed what was required and followed up, right?

If it’s ‘yes’ to all of those, and you still think they need the blame, then perhaps you should have replaced them already. It’s still on you.


Blaming the government, market or competitors, or well… anything… won’t help one bit. Sure, things happen beyond our control, and in South Africa, the business environment is often exceedingly challenging. But, if you are not careful it soon becomes your excuse for not finding opportunities and innovating. If it’s so bad and you believe there is no room for growth, then why not find a new territory to grow your business?

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